It was a quiet week in the TriCities…as we continue the build of Simplimedia.

This week we got this site (shell) up, and we started playing with a few ideas that may serve us later.

I’ve been cleaning out the foundational stuff and organizing Simplifilm’s business documents for later recall. It’s not sexy work, and there’s not a lot to ‘show’ for it. It’s work nonetheless.


I decided to end my arrangement with the CSA building in Richland, and move everything over to Fuse SPC. It’s part of my commitment to both Community and Tri-Cities that I’m doing this.

I’ve also created a draft of “how things should be done” in a service business. This work will pay dividends.


We got a premier client (one of the biggest I’ve ever had) signed and paid for a five figure engagement. One of the challenges with our business (and transparency) is that we can’t offer up anyone else’s data. So by saying what our revenue is, by inference, we betray our client.

We’ve built a properly operating inbound funnel for recruiting good talent. We’ve gotten through with a couple of applicants for Art Director.

We’ve cut redundancies in our SaaS bill, ended our lease and saved about $4500 per year. We’ve also retired some debt, and that’s freed us to the point that we can accrue a surplus.


Right now, we have to build the exact right team. It’s me and a dedicated project manager. We’ve been to war and overcome battles. We’re transitioning from being ‘pirates’ to being something else, and we’ve gotta figure out what that looks like.

I’ve also got about 18 different calendars, all of which have conflicts. There are huge challenges in the scheduling space.

Also, it’s back to school time, and that’s created a flurry of appointments and shitty things that we’ve had to deal with.

This Week’s Agenda:

We will finish the service agreement “master template” that will be the document under which we engage. Under the consulting side (ICYD and ) and the productized service side.

I’ll finish the organization of assets in our google drive, and finish this site.

I’ll roll in ICYD to one Google account – it’s running its own and that’s costing money we needn’t spend.

I’ll launch Tri Cities Rise so that we have some content coming in.

I’ll redo our Simplimedia home page, and finish the Simplifilm home page.

I’ll have to make decisions on which sites get content, and which don’t. I’m thinking that this site, and ICYD get content weekly (exclusive of the navel gazing progress logs) and the others get content more often.

I’ll write a “durable” schedule that I can keep.


I’ve still got to gather some souls. I’m looking for a tech lead to help me with my hosting business. I’m also looking for a design lead, obviously. Those are “keys”.f

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